Custom Frame

Custom Framing of your original artwork will enhance the appearace of the painting and make it match it's surroundings.  Custom Framing will increase it's visual appeal and make a gift much more personal.  BrushMarQ can select the frame & mat for you, to match the style and colors of the painting.  Ordering an Original painting with optional frame  and mat in the Art Catalog, will result in this selection.  If you want to select the frame and mat yourself, or just let us know the color of the area you intend to hang the painting in, just send us an email at with your request. 

Available Mat and Frame materials are listed below:

Mat Materials



 CR-SRM10890  Sauterne
 CR-SRM1032  Dark Olive
 CR-SRM1045  Grass Green
 CR-SRM1001  Moss Point Green
 CR-SRM948  Sand
 CR-SRM986  Tampico Brown
 CR-SRM918  Very White
 CR-SRM3297  Manor White
 CR-SRM3259  Lily White
 CR-SRM987  Palm Beach White
 CR-SRM3290  Snow White
 CR-SRM1000  Pompano Beach White
 CR-SRM3298  Antique White
 CR-SRM1008  Ivory
 CR-SRM1008  Cream
 CR-SRM3295  Eggshell
 CR-SRM3291  French Buff


Frame samples are illustrated below:

If you want some other Mat or Frame material, just include a description, picture or part-number in your email, and we will quote that material for your custom work.

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