Original Art Baby Gift Ideas include handpainted, One piece "ONESIES" , Baby Caps and Bootie sets, Tee Shirts, and Cotton Bibs.  Each item is individually hand painted with a unique character or scene.  Each of the catagories are illustrated and described below, as well as an illustration of the available Sunrize characters.  Merchants and re-sellers, please go to "Merchant"  to request a wholesale price list.  To go directly to the catalog index for the item you are interested in, click on the following links:

 Baby Onsies, Cap and Bootie sets  Baby Tee Shirts
   Baby Cotton Bibs


Baby Onesies, Hats, and Booties, all individually hand painted by our artist, with the Sunrize images.

It can be seen that no two items are identical, each completely original, with variations in color range and character expression. All items are individually hand painted with non-toxic acrylic fabric paint,  and each is machine washable.  All of the infant wear we sell is 100% cotton of very high quality.  For links to view each of the available Onesies and place orders, go to the Onsie Index .  To order Onesies with special characteristics or images not shown in the catalog, go to "Custom Baby"  for details.   Each item is supplied with a money back guarantee.  If not satisfied, just return the item for a money back refund.  See Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more details.

Sun-Cow T-Shirt

This T-Shirt,  (modeled by Landon - in his hoodie, while flashing preschool signs)  includes the Sun-Cow character. There are a number of different Sunrize characters or scenes available.  Refer to the T-Shirt Index  for links to view available T-Shirts and place T shirt orders.    Custom painting is available, at no added cost, for all the below illustrated Sunrize characters and special order characters. You can specify the color range, eye color, etc.  You can also specify images not available on the Baby Catalog pages, or special images that you describe. Just go to "Custom Baby"    and provide the particulars.  Go to FAQ  for details on item sizing and material descriptions.

Original Handpainted  Cotton Baby Bibs

The Handpainted Bibs shown are examples of available images.  The available images can be seen below and also in the Bib Catalog.  Go to "Bib Index"  for quick access to specific images.  The Bibs are manufactured of 2-layer, heavy duty 100% cotton, and include velcro fasteners.  The Bibs are painted with non-toxic, color fast fabric paint, and are machine washable.  You can specify custom colors or details by going to "Custom Baby"  .  Refer to FAQ  for details on materials used.





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