Custom Baby

Custom Order of infant Wear -

In your email to us, please indicate the following preferences for your custom order:

  •       Infant wear item - Onesie, Lapshirt, Hat&Bootie, Bib,
  •       Item Size - 0 to 3 month, 3 to 6 month, or 6 to 9 month
  •       Item Style - Short Sleeve, or Long Sleeve
  •       Image to be painted on Baby Item -

 1.  Sun Cow  2. Sun Cat  3. Sun Chi-WaWa  4. Sun Shades
 5. Sun Fish  6. Sun Horse  7. Sun Moth  8. Sun Seal
 9. Sun Walrus  10. Sun Elephant  11. Sun Polly  12. Sun Parrot
 13. Sun Island  14. Sun Blimp  15 Sun Nascar  16. Sun Rocket
 17. Sun Airplane  18. SPECIAL    
    18.  Special character or image (include a description or attach a sample image)Indicate any color preference different from that shown on the samples.                                  

  •       Indicate any shipping preferences other than UPS or Fedex ground or Priority Mail.

You can email us in either of two ways:

     1.  Go to the "Custom Baby"  form and fill in the desired characteristics from those listed above

     2.  Type in the characteristics desired in the comment box below.

On receipt of your request, we will email you any questions we have, or a proof image for your approval.  We will  follow that up with an invoice for the determined amount, with an expected ship date.  The invoice will have a link to a secure payment site, where you can pay via credit card.  The requested item will be shipped on receipt of your order and indication of your payment. 

BrushMarQ Enterprises
3927 Wilshire Ave.
San Mateo , Ca 94403
Phone: 650-954-3335

E-mail us by filling out the form below:

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