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About Our Business

BrushMarQ Enterprises deals primarily in Original Art Pieces.  No copies, prints, screen prints or stencils are offered on our website, unless specifically stated as such. 

Sales to Merchants and Re-sellers are available at reduced prices for minimum and quantity sized orders.  Please go to "Merchant"  to obtain a price list and requirements.

Hand Painted Infant Wear -  The images painted on the infant wear products are not just single line or stick figures.  Each image is a detailed work of art, with unique color shading and a feel or character of its own.  Our artist strives to make each painting unique, and offers the customer the opportunity to designate specific character color schemes.  Although there are a number of images suggested for the infant wear, the customer can also provide an image for custom painting.   All images are copyright by D Marquesen, 2006,  with all rights reserved, remaining the property of the artist.

Original Watercolor Artwork -  There are a number of original watercolor paintings offered for sale on our website.  These are all reasonably priced original art, and each can be custom framed for a similarily reasonable price.  Our goal is to see that the  availability of original, signed art pieces is made affordable for everyone. 

The type of art currently available is limited to landscape paintings and a number of somewhat surreal paintings.  The customer also has the opportunity to request a painting of a provided photo.  This could be a favorite vacation site or other scenic location.  Quotations will be provided for each request prior to accepting an order.  We hope to offer all types of original art in the future, with a number of artists available.  Currently all paintings are by our inhouse artist.

About the Artist

Dave Marquesen, our artist, is quite new to the art game, having painted in earnest for only a few years.  Prior to these recent artistic endeavors, his efforts were limited to the more rigid technical matters of a construction engineer.  Although he spent considerable time on engineering schetches and technical manual illustrations, you would be unlikely to see the results of his labor unless you hang-out in railroad yards, traffic tunnels, or various industrial areas.  It was only after an unfortunate (or fortunate?) brain explosion, (that Dave thinks removed many of the rigid technical areas of the brain, revealing the more artistic areas,)  that the painting began, and continues.



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